Olly Murs Is Being ‘Cancelled’ For Sticking His Dick In A Pringles Can & Pranking His Girlfriend

People are accusing Olly Murs of ‘sexual assault’ over this TikTok.

Like all the rest of us, Olly Murs is bored out of his mind in lockdown and looking for ways to entertain himself. One of the ways he’s chosen to do this is by sticking his dick inside an empty Pringles tube and tricking his girlfriend Amelia Tank into grabbing it.

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Here’s how that played out on TikTok:

Pretty funny, right? Apparently not, according to these party poopers on Twitter:

Harassing his partner? Sexual assault? Jesus Christ that’s a bit of an overreaction, don’t you think? It’s a dumb prank at worst and probably the sort of thing he does to her all the time from the looks of it. But there are actually people on Twitter right now giving him abuse over not asking for his girlfriend’s consent to trick her into touching his penis through a Pringles tube. Um well that would sort of ruin the prank, wouldn’t it?

The real concern is how low his girlfriend had to stick her hand into the tube before she actually got hold of anything. At least we can assume he was flaccid… I think.

For the last time the SJW mob went after Olly Murs, click HERE. He had just claimed he was ‘20% gay’. Whoops.


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