The Newest Trailer For ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ Just Dropped

The release date has finally been confirmed.

When it comes to the best video games of the past few years, ‘The Last Of Us’ is gonna crop up in best of lists over and over again, so it’s no surprise that ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ has been eagerly awaited for quite some time now, ever since it was first announced back in 2016.

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The release date has finally been confirmed for February 21st 2020 and Naughty Dog have also been kind enough to treat us to this release date trailer which you can see below, letting us know a bit more about what the game is going to be all about. Seems like the story will pick up with a 19 year old Ellie and an aging old version of Joel, as Ellie seemingly heads into the hornet’s nest to avenge the death of her girlfriend.

Bear in mind this is The Last Of Us, so the trailer is pretty much full of ultraviolence and pretty terrifying, but I’m pretty sure that you knew that before you even clicked on this link, so check it out below:

Wow. That really does look like it’s going to be something. Shame that it’s not going to be out in time for Christmas, but I guess you can’t have it all can you? It’s gonna be worth the wait though isn’t it?

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