People In India Are Bathing In Cow Shit To Cure The Coronavirus (VIDEO)

I don’t think that’s going to work.

You would think that bathing in cow shit would be a sure-fire way to catch a disease, not fight one off, but according to these Indian dudes it’s the #1 way of becoming immune to coronavirus.

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What’s more they’re having a whale of a time doing it:

According to the New York Post, one of the men says:

The whole world is terrified of the deadly virus outbreak.

If we all start taking cow dung bath, we will attain immunity from the virus.

Could it actually be true? Probably not, but even if it were – you’re just going to end up with a whole bunch of other diseases, surely. Which could mean these Indian dudes are onto something because after all, you can’t catch coronavirus if you die of cholera first.

I guess that’s worth the risk though when you look at how much fun they’re having – I mean just look at that shit-eating grin (literally?):

I wonder how many people would actually take a cow shit bath themselves if they knew for sure it would prevent or cure coronavirus. I guess the logic is that cows are considered sacred in India, so that means their poop must have healing properties. I think it would have to be a ‘no’ from me, either way.

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