Watch This Karen Argue With A Donut Store Employee That A Dozen Means Fifty Donuts


I don’t think I’ve ever even considered in my life that people don’t know the true value of a dozen – it’s 12 right, unless you’re talking about a baker’s dozen which is 13 for some reason – because it just seems like something that you learn, that everyone knows and is never questioned, it’s just always been there and always will?

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Or at least that was what I thought, because of course here’s a non mask wearing Karen shouting at a Dunkin Donuts store employee about how a dozen is actually fifty donuts. The video comes courtesy of TikTok user @princess__natt and features the Karen being just as belligerent as you would expect, loudly berating and annoying the employee as she claims that a dozen is fifty donuts and refuses to believe the guy telling her that it’s actually twelve.

Take a look at it below and see what you think:

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@princess__nattReply to @thinkrealm Karen and her “dozen” munchkins Part II #publicfreakouts #publickarens #dunkin #karen #fyp #part2♬ original sound – Natalie Michael

Wow. So many questions about this, namely how has she gone through her life thinking that a dozen is fifty and nobody has ever corrected her? Has she been going to donut stores all her life and getting away with this because people are too scared of her? Or has she just never put her belief into practice before? You have to respect her confidence I suppose.

I guess we’ll never know the answers to any of those questions, but someone did have a novel idea in the comments: ‘maybe a Karen’s dozen is fifty?’ Makes you think.

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