Terrifying New Smartphone Software Can Collect Your Personal Information Without Consent


Big Brother is watching you.

The idea of mobile phone security is a bit of a joke these days. We all know our personal information is under attack and that’s why it’s not all that surprising when it was announced that a Chinese company called Adups was using its preinstalled apps to spy on android users with Blu smartphones.

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However, now the impact of this company is growing and it’s dragging in other android manufacturers. Adups’ software is preinstalled on a number of devices, but it does a lot more than it claims – this clever little app has the ability to peek into areas that it shouldn’t without the user knowing. This information can then be collected and used for whatever purpose they wish.

Adups is already preinstalled onto 700 million android smartphones, which puts the user at risk of having text messages, call histories and device information collected without consent.


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Although this is worrying, many of the manufacturers who use Adups are companies that release their devices in Asia or specific smaller markets, so you don’t have to worry about your Samsung or iPhone just yet. Having said that, there are already hundreds of other apps that utilise your personal information for profit, so we’re not really in a more favourable position when it comes to mobile phone privacy.

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