Watch This Karen Justify Not Wearing A Mask By Saying Pants Don’t Stop Farts

Bit different there Karen?

Day 367458 of people refusing to wear masks for no real reason and coming up with all kinds of bullshit to try and justify it.

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Today we’re at a Panera Bread in California, where one Karen decided to get in line without a mask and when she was called out about it, decided to act really belligerently and literally blow in someone’s face and then argue that masks don’t keep you safe because farts can escape from your pants. You can take a look at the video below:

What an absolute psycho. Still don’t get why people are so triggered and weird about wearing a mask when it’s not a big deal at all? Even if there’s a slight possibility it’s going to help stop the rate of infection – and if you look at South Korea and Japan, who wear masks everywhere and have hardly any cases now – surely it seems like a good idea to do that?

In case you’re wondering, here’s the official scientific reason why pants don’t stop farts but masks do stop COVID, courtesy of Trevor Makal, a professor at the University of Virginia:

That was kind of a boring explanation, but I suppose the short version is that farts are really small and COVID is really big so a mask actually would protect you from becoming infected with it because COVID won’t get past it. I suppose Karens would argue that he’s using all the science jargon to deflect from the actual truth though wouldn’t they because that’s what they do – there’s always something – but hopefully most of us would respect the opinion of someone far more qualified than most of us to talk about it.

For more of the same, check out hundreds of people gathering in Hyde Park over the weekend to protest against wearing a mask. Wonder if they’ve heard the fart and pants excuse?


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