PHOTOS: Nutters Walk On Tightrope Across Victoria Falls

No. I definitely won’t tightrope across Victoria Falls anytime soon. Thanks.

It’s no surprise that Sick Chirpse covers a lot of “dare devil” stuff, it’s intrinsically compelling. Even though the vast majority of us won’t ever go surfing in sub-zero conditions and I know for sure that I will never cross a frozen river in my 4X4, I’m kinda glad someone’s doing it.

Remember those photos taken by the crazy Russians on top of the Pyramids or after scaling the tallest buildings in Dubai? The images give you a tiny sense of what it might have felt like to be up there, without having to be in any personal danger yourself.

I guess we all live vicariously to a certain extent. These photos of a couple of nutters on a tightrope gave me that drop in your stomach feeling this morning, and I could have done without it after last night to be honest. But, I still couldn’t help but stare and try to imagine the rush they must have felt.

Reinhard Kleindl and his mate Lukas Irmler recently tightrope walked across Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Not only is it the tallest waterfall in the world, it is the only place on earth where two countries that start with a ‘Z’ meet (probably). They crossed the 91 metres of rope, 100 metres above the surface of the water. It looks intense:

Tightrope Victoria Falls - 2

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