Watch: Insane Frozen River Crossing In 4X4

More utter madness on the treacherous roads of Russia.

Russians aren’t exactly well known for their safe and conservative driving habits, but this takes the biscuit. I can’t exactly work out what’s happening, but it doesn’t look safe at all.

I think either a bridge has gone down or a river has burst its banks. There are a bunch of cars waiting around wondering what to do, and then a guy with massive balls and a 4X4 rocks up at the scene.

Personally I’d have high tailed it out of there, but not this fella, oh no. Despite the fact that he has his young daughter in the car he decides he’s going to cross the treacherous obstacle.

I’m not sure whether he’s retarded or brave, probably a bit of both.

If that floated your ice-breaker, sit back, relax and watch the best of Russian dashcam footage. Oh Lord it’s wild over there.


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