Vladimir Putin’s Motorbike Militia ‘The Night Wolves’ Are Like Something Out Of Mad Max

Night Wolves

Fiercely loyal.

Imagine if Mad Max was crossed with Sons Of Anarchy and then set in modern day Russia. You would end up with something like The Night Wolves – a motorbike militia that are fiercely loyal to Putin and motivated by Christianity and patriotism.

They’re currently based in Luhansk in East Ukraine, where their base and the wasteland literally looks like it was directly lifted from a scene from Mad Max. The Guardian went over there to make the following short documentary about them, where they talk about their lives, their goals and the families that they left behind in Russia in order to try and make the world a better place – at least in their eyes.

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Hmmm. It’s kind of crazy that anyone like this actually exists in the world? I mean the contradictions are insane – how the hell do they go out and fight with militias and then build winter wonderland and have bike shows for their kids in their completely mental city?

And they’re clearly obviously deluded and brainwashed by patriotism too. I mean do people still think that the USSR was the greatest empire in history? And they actually think they hold a claim over the Ukrainian land?  I guess that propaganda machine worked pretty well over there.

I just don’t really know what to make of the whole thing. It seems more like a science fiction movie than reality, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

When you consider stuff like this happens in Russia all the time though, it probably isn’t that surprising.


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