These Disney Classics Reimagined As Tim Burton Films Are Creepy AF

Tim Burton

You know you would watch the hell out of Tim Burton’s Lion King.

LA-based illustrator Andrew Tarusov wondered what his favourite Disney classics would look like if Tim Burton directed them, and then went ahead and designed the images in his brain for himself.

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He did have to alter the storylines just a little bit though, for example – in Tarusov’s version of “Sleeping Beauty”, Prince Phillip is about to awaken Princess Aurora with a shock to the brain.

I’m a big fan of Tim Burton’s style and Disney movies. So [when the idea] happened, I began to draw immediately.

I tried to combine colourful and happy Disney characters with Burton’s view. I either took some of my favourite moments from each movie, or I based my idea on the characters’ distortion.

What he came up with was absolutely spot on.

Let’s check them out:

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