This OCD Sufferer’s Love Poem Is A Real Tearjerker

OCD Poet

OCD clearly isn’t much fun and neither is getting dumped by your girlfriend. This guy manages to sum up both of these woes in one powerfully delivered piece of poetry that brings a tear to the eye.

A jilted lover come poet who suffers from intense OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is bringing a genuine tear to the internet’s eye today. Even though nobody cares about poetry really,  Neil Hilborn’s story of mental illness and his broken heart is pretty powerful.

Apparently when the girl heard the poem — who, judging from the recital sounds lovely until the break-up part — they got back together. But sadly Neil had to break it off indefinitely because of a lack of stability in their relationship.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Judging from Neil’s success in the poetry world he’s now receiving A LOT of female attention. An army of chicks who dig emotional poems are queuing around the block to get a piece of him now — good on the man I say.

Check out Neil reciting ‘OCD’ below:

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