‘McDiving’ Is The Next Stupid Craze To Hit The Internet

First it was ‘planking’, then it was ‘batmanning’ and ‘milking’. The new in thing to hit the UK is the ‘McDive’.


We all remember how cool ‘planking’ was right? Wrong, it was a fucking stupid internet craze with the people posting photos of themselves lying horizontally on random shit the only thing more annoying than the act itself.

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After people had enough of laying flat out on random objects, it was hanging upside down from walls or ledges from their feet or ‘Batmanning’ next. People soon got tired of the hanging about lark and decided pouring milk over themselves and filming it was the next big thing. Again, I never took part in either of these two innovative acts of stupidity but I did find ‘Milking’ pretty funny. With videos going viral every two seconds, there was a surprisingly long wait until the people of the UK had something idiotic to film and share about, until now. McDonald’s restaurants up and down the country have seen an influx in customers (the majority of which off their faces) jumping over the top of the counter and landing on the other side. This ladies and gentlemen, is known as the ‘McDive’.

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From what I’ve heard ‘McDiving’ started in Leeds but people have claimed to have known about it for years and it’s only now really caught on, simply typing it into YouTube is evidence of this.

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As more and more people start to get thrown out of McDonalds before given the chance to buy their McChicken sandwich, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of the McDive. Soon enough it will be old news, the McDive fails will surface before people go back to the drawing board and get to work on inventing the next original way of letting everyone know you’re a bellend.


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