Watch This Crow Look Some Guy In The Eyes And Say ‘F*ck You’

Crow Fuck You Guy

That’s one total badass crow right there.

Crows have always been weird in the bird family and more likely than other birds to take out their aggression on humans – anyone remember the stoner and the crow? Well this video takes it to the  whole next level.

I’m not sure where these guys are hanging out but it seems to be in some hick town outside a petrol station somewhere where they’re just smoking and hanging out when suddenly a crow comes out of nowhere and starts messing around with them. Being a typical redneck hick the guy calls the crow a motherfucker. Undeterred, the crow hits back by jumping up really close to the guy, staring him in the eyes and then somehow saying ‘fuck you’ to him. Freaky.

Still, as badass as crows are they’ve got nothing on magpies in mating season in Australia, as those fuckers want nothing more than to mess people up for no real reason. Bitches.


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