Woman Pulls Over Cop For Speeding, Goes In And Forces Him To Apologise On Camera

Big ups.

A woman in Miami caught a police officer accelerating to over 100 miles per hour on the Dolphin Expressway as he weaved between lanes without using his car’s emergency lights or siren.

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Not only did Claudia Castillo request that the officer pull over so she could tell him off, she also filmed the whole thing and stuck it online. Legend.

Watch below:

Big ups to this lady even though she has possibly the most annoying voice in the world. At the same time though, this cop handled it surprisingly well. She’s obviously taking massive pride in giving him a dressing down and filming it too and the cop just played along and even sneakily condescended her a little bit. Making her feel like she’s 100% right (which is what she wants) but also making it clear that she’s kind of wasting his time.

Chances are he sped off at 100mph again anyway.

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