VIDEO: Idiot Surfs Whale Carcass As Sharks Circle

What’s stupider than standing on a dead whale whilst sharks parade around it? – Nothing.

As I’ve mentioned to you on numerous occasions: I’m not interested in swimming in the oceans. Yes, I will happily watch a beautifully shot documentary about sharks and odd beasts of the deep whilst Attenborough soothes my ears from afar. But I’m not getting in there, no Sir, it’s utter madness. We don’t even know what’s down there, why risk it? So it will come as no surprise when I inform you that I’m never going to ride the back of a huge dead whale whilst sharks circle around it. That’s fair enough though isn’t it? Maybe I could try and stop being scared of sticklebacks and newts, but a healthy fear of tiger sharks is justifiable I think. The Australian in this video (of course it’s an Aussie) is called Harrison Williams and he’s from Perth. Williams decided to ride this whale carcass because… get this… his mates told him it would be funny. I suppose they were right, although there’s something monumentally un-funny about rotting corpses especially when there are massive sharks in the vicinity. Great quote from the young lad though…

My Mum thinks I’m an idiot, Dad’s not too proud either.


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