The Weirdest Creatures In The Ocean #2

Weirdos of the Deep - Viper Fish

A gallery of abstract abominations from beneath the waves. There’s some pretty scary looking things down there folks.

I wrote an article a few months back with some videos of the oddest under water critters I could find on the interweb. This morning I stumbled across a butt load of other weirdos and thought it was high time for part deux. Pictures like this make me glad to be a ground dweller. No fluffy cats in this murky montage, I’m afraid.

Fanfin Seadevil

These guys are similar to the angler fish with their special light bulb foreheads, except it has no light bulb and just drifts around in the pitch black looking like the Lord of darkness that it surely is. If you give it a kiss I’ll give you a fiver. Any takers?

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Underwater Weirdos - Fanfin Seadevil

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