VIDEO: Huge Spider VS Lizard To The Death

I hope you haven’t just eaten…

Spiders get a pretty bad press, so a while back I tried to improve their image by posting up a dazzling selection of photos of some of the most amazing and bewildering spiders on earth. But all that hard work is in vain, these guys are just gross. There’s no way round it, spiders are evil and they’re mostly minging to look at too, for some reason eight legs and fangs is a bad combo for a human observer.

The video below shows a spider who has somehow caught a lizard, I guess it sat in a crevice all day waiting to pounce on the nippy gecko (or whatever it is). The video is supposed to have originated in Asia or Eastern Europe so we’re probably safe over here, for now.

It’s gross that the arachnid is eating something so massive in the first place, but the poor lizard chap is alive and twitching throughout the entire process just to give it an extra mangey twist. I’m guessing the spider is just holding the prey until its poison finishes it off, he doesn’t want to risk it running off before he’s had his fill.

Apparently the spider that stars in this three-minute horror is of the huntsman variety, we’ve bumped into them before on Sick Chirpse and I am not a fan at all.


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