Mother Of Bullied Child Advertising For ‘Cool Black Kids’ To Hang Out With Her Kid

Most genius mum ever?

Does your nerdy child keep getting bullied at school by all the cool kids? Well, here’s how you deal with it — buy him some cool black friends:

OK, that sounded wrong. However, this mum may have actually found an awesome solution for parents with bullied children everywhere. Offer some cool black kids a financial incentive to hang out with your kid and just make sure he’s seen walking around with them in all the cool spots around town. No-one fucks with the token white friend, we all know that. And anyway, is it still racist if she’s essentially saying that black kids are cooler than white kids?

It worked for Justin Bieber at least.

Way better parenting than the mum who wrote her child a personalised masturbation guide, that’s for sure.


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