New Photomath App Solves Maths Problems Without A Calculator Or Even Typing Numbers In

Photo Math

Why did we even bother going to school?

This new app is called Photomath and it pretty much solves any maths problem ever in about 4 seconds just by scanning the question in the text book. Crazy. Even when I was at school and we were allowed to use calculators you still had to learn loads of shit about integration and sine and cos curves that you’re never ever going to need to use in real life so it’s pretty annoying that people in the future probably won’t ever have to learn that. I mean even if you did still take a test in it what would even be the point when a robot can get the answer in 4 seconds when it would take you about 20 minutes to figure it out?

Exactly. There isn’t one. R.I.P. maths class, although hopefully North Korea will keep them going so we can continue to see hilarious maths problems like this all the time.


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