Check Out The Tallest Teenager In Europe – Already On His Way To The NBA

World's Tallest Basketball Player

Imagine playing against this guy when you’re 15.

Imagine heading out to play in your high school basketball match and you come up against an opponent who’s 7’6″. You would probably want to give up right there and then because he’s probably taller than the tallest person you’ve ever met and he’s probably going to be sick at basketball too. Give up.

That’s probably how everyone feels when they come up against this dude named Robert Bobroczky who actually is that tall and is actually that sick at basketball, all whilst being 15 years old. Man that growth spurt really hit him.

Robert is currently playing for the U-16s (lol) at Stella Azzurra – a famous basketball academy in Rome – and looks set to make it to the NBA at some stage in his career as a number of scouts for big teams have already taken a look at him playing in his favoured position of centre. Incredibly, if he did make it to the NBA he would immediately be the tallest player there.

Take a look at him in action in the highlights reel below:

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Wow. That’s absolutely ridiculous really isn’t it? How the hell did he get to be so tall huh? Nobody else really has a chance when they’re anywhere near him.

Sure, his running technique leaves a lot to be desired and it’s kind of weird how his arms are so thin but you would probably stick him in your team anyway just because of how tall he is. He’s probably gonna have to pack some muscle on there if he wants to make it in the NBA though.

Let’s hope he makes it and turns out better than the world’s previous tallest young basketball player who measured a measly 7’5″.


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