West Brom Striker Victor Anichebe Gets In Beef With Jon Snow After He Refuses To Pose For A Picture With Him

Jon Snow Victor Anichebe

When you get totally big-leagued by your fellow celebrity.

If you’re not a West Brom or Everton fan and not massively into football, then chances are that you have no idea who Victor Anichebe is. For the uninformed he’s a pretty shit striker playing for West Brom who doesn’t really score very many goals, despite this being his main job in the team.

So, it’s not surprising that Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte) weren’t that impressed with him either when he approached them in the hotel lobby and asked for a photograph. Although the details are unclear, they turned him down and he didn’t get one and then took to Twitter to vent his anger and call them out about it (mild spoilers):

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Well, although Anichebe probably is correct to call them out about their behaviour – I mean posing for photographs with fans is part of the territory of being famous isn’t it, surely? – I still think it’s kind of funny that they treat someone who’s kind of a celebrity as well with such disdain.

My favourite part of the whole debacle though is when Victor Anichebe says that he would never turn down a request from a fan for a photograph. I mean, that probably happens once a month or something so he probably loves it doesn’t he? It’s not like he’s Jon Snow getting badgered wherever he goes in the world for pictures. Give the dude a break – he’s already pissed that everyone keeps pointing out how good looking he is instead of concentrating on his acting.


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