London Club That Turned Away Girls For Being “Too Dark” And Fat Denies Any Wrongdoing

The text messages between the girls and the club promoter are absolutely ruthless.

West End club DSTRKT has been getting crapped on in the media this week after they were accused of turning away a group of girls because they were “too dark”.

29 year old Lin Mei says she and a bunch of her friends were turned away from restaurant/bar DTRKT in Piccadilly Circus on the September 26th, after being told to “line up across the road against the wall” so the management could see “what sort of girls they are and what they look like”.

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Here’s a screenshot of the conversation one of the girls, Zalika Miller, had with one of DSTRKT’s promoters:


Damn that is deep, and there’s really no denying it either because obviously the messages are right there.


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DSTRKT’s management ARE denying it however, insisting that the club has an “anti-racist door policy” and “condemns any types of discrimination by customers or staff”.

The night in question of Saturday 26th September was a very busy night and the women who have made the complaint against the venue arrived without having made any prior reservation with the venue.

All our tables were fully booked and we had a full general admission guest list and on that basis alone they were not granted entry. The only people who were allowed entry after the women arrived were allowed in because they had booked in advance.

The club launched a “thorough” investigation and found that “at no stage did any of the DSTRKT staff say to the women they were not to be allowed in on the basis of their skin colour or size”.

Again… there’s screenshots of the texts plastered all over the Internet.

Comments made by an external promoter to the women had nothing to do with DSTRKT.

Ah right, that’s OK then. Wouldn’t have had this problem at the NASA raves back in 1993.


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