A 110 Year Old Woman Has Revealed That The Key To Staying Alive Is To Get Drunk Every Day

Oldest Woman Drinking Miller High Lifes

She’s drunk three Miller High Lifes and a shot of whiskey every day for the past 70 years.

A 110 year old woman from New Jersey has revealed the secret to her old age: getting drunk every day.

Agnes Fenton says that she’s drunk three Miller High Lifes and a shot of Johnny Walker whiskey every single day for the last 70 years and she’s saying that it’s definitely had an effect on her being able to reach the ripe old age of 110. Even more astonishingly, she can see and hear well, read newspapers, listen to the radio and hang out with friends easily. She has no serious health problems whatsoever.

Apparently she’s been drinking like this ever since her doctor prescribed it her following a benign brain tumour. Whilst I find that kind of hard to believe – when has a doctor EVER told you to drink alcohol? – you can’t really argue with the results, especially considering that it’s estimated that there are only between 300 and 600 people over the age of 100 on the planet. Agnes must be doing something right, right?

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Agnes Fenton

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In recent years though she has been forced to kick back on the booze by her caregivers at her nursing home. However, she is still alive and well so perhaps all those years of getting drunk every day just toughened her body up enough to withstand whatever’s trying to get her at the moment? The caregivers stopped her from drinking as much because they were worried she wouldn’t be able to handle it as she ate so little, mainly just a couple of chicken wings, sweet potatoes and green beans every day.

Again, that sounds like an absolutely excellent diet to go along with getting wasted every day, so I advise everyone hoping to reach the age of to immediately start getting drunk every day and eating chicken wings. What’s the worst that could happen?

Having said all this though, I doubt her diet resembled the oldest person in the world‘s too closely so maybe it is all down to genes. It can’t hurt trying this one though can it?


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