Vaslav Nijinsky: The Campest Russian Of All Time?

Nijinsky was one of the most talented dancers of all time and looked amazing. Screw you Putin, your country’s artistic history is based on Pride.

In a time when being homosexual is pretty much the worst thing to do in Russia, let’s celebrate the life and times of the proudest, most unabashed, effeminate hero in Soviet history. If anyone knows Putin, please post this photo collection to his FB wall, he’ll probably cry, puke and collapse. Good.

Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950) was a Russian ballet dancer of Polish decent and heralded as one of the most gifted dancers of all time. His  ability to perform seemingly gravity-defying leaps was legendary.

Vaslav Nijinsky - youth

Born in the Ukraine to travelling dancer parents, he was taking lead roles in ballets at the tender age of 18. Powerful and awe-inspiring on stage he was apparently quite a boring chap to meet. Throughout his life he rarely made friends, it’s hard to imagine him being dull when you look at the pictures isn’t it?

Vaslav Nijinsky - Wind God Vayou

He said this of himself: “People like eccentrics. Therefore they will leave me alone, saying that I am a mad clown”.

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