This Is The Creepiest Place You Can Stay This Halloween…


If you get a kick out of being scared shitless and/or are especially fond of the Halloween period, then you need to hit up this listing on Airbnb right now.

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Basically they’re giving you the opportunity to stay 65 feet under Paris inside the world’s largest grave.





The place holds the remains of about six million people – it’s basically skulls and bones city down there. Might want to bust out the Ouija board if you’re feeling extra brave.

500,000 people from around the world visit the Paris Catacombs every year, but this’ll be the first time anyone’s allowed to actually stay the night there.

The contest is open to everyone – 2 people max so if you’re a couple looking to get away for Halloween then you might as well enter – someone has to win eh? Good luck.


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