Vampire Woman Is Addicted To Drinking Human Blood

Vampire Woman

This mother of two from Pennsylvania, US has been drinking human blood for 30 years and loves it.

Julia Caples is a mum-of-two from Pennsylvania, US who drinks half a gallon of blood a month from willing human donors. She’s been drinking human blood for 30 years and loves it.

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Sounds like a pretty standard drinking problem to us. Just swap “Julia likes to drink, but she’s also an amazing mother and would never let it stop her mothering her kids” to “Sick Chirpse like to drink, but they’ve never let it stop them from putting up videos of goats on the rampage in Brazil”. People have responsibilities — it doesn’t matter if you’re shaking and puking and barely breathing — don’t let your drinking get in the way of the important stuff.


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The only difference being we’re talking about drinking beer and whiskey and the occasional shot of tequila, not litre upon litre of human blood. We also don’t require slicing strangers’ necks open to feed our addiction. But still, a drinking problem is a drinking problem.

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D’you reckon this woman ever leaves the house when it’s that time of the month?


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