Real Life Demonic Vampire Woman Haunts Mexico

Maria jose cristerna vampire woman

We’ve all heard of the mysterious vampire myth, that old story about some pervert creeping into a woman’s bedroom during dusk and whipping out the old dusty fangs for a fondle. With vamps becoming increasingly popular in today’s society various movie adaptions have been born, some epic (Lost Boys) and some truly crap-tastic versions (Twilight) with glittering rent boys trying to pose as creatures of the night. Seriously, where the hell is Buffy when you need her?

Inspired by all this horror lore a 35 year old woman from Mexico named Maria Jose Cristerna has decided to transform her entire body into that of a demonic vampire’s. Originally Maria began as a professional lawyer/tattoo artist with four children and had a religious catholic background. Suffering constant domestic abuse from her husband triggered the reinvention of her look as she felt tattoos were “a form of liberation” and escape.

Along with many piercings Maria has titanium implants under her forehead which create that horny devil look and even has had her teeth surgically altered to look like fangs. You wouldn’t want to bump into her in a dark alley at night, this lady makes Dracula look like a care-bear.

Not only is she one of the main attractions at tattoo conventions world wide but is also being put in Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” museum as a life size wax figure due to her popularity. She claimed in a recent interview that tattooing clients is her way of feeling “immortal” as her art work will forever be present on other people’s skin.

Say what you want about Maria but you have to admit this woman has some serious balls and isn’t afraid to use them. Check out the video below of her fanging some dude.

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