6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Wind Up Your Ex

Remind someone that you still exist with a shitty Valentines present.

2. Haunted Laptop


Nobody will able to tell the difference between a regular MacBook and a haunted one, so anonymously sending your ex this possessed laptop we found on eBay would really make their day. After they rip open the obnoxious Valentines-themed wrapping paper with it’s ugly little Cupid design and see the familiar Apple logo, their excitement would explode and they will no doubt run to the internet to shamelessly brag about their mystery gift.

At first everything will be fine but after a couple weeks of obligatory awful Photobooth pictures, the spirit inside the hard drive would start to make things a little spooky; files will randomly go mysteriously missing, songs over a decade old will suddenly appear in their iTunes and their Skype will start trying to call strangers with demonic sounding names. The pesky poltergeist will eventually figure out how to print itself off and start to terrorise your ex in their every day life, resulting in either their permanent committal to a mental hospital or a lifetime devotion to God down the local convent.

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