Vacant Chinese Amusement Parks Look Creepy As Hell

For some reason there’s nothing creepier than an amusement park without any humans in it.

Photographer Stefano Cerio recently released a book called “Chinese Fun”. This photo book charts his epic journey across China visiting theme parks. Unlike most sensible people, Cerio decided to visit the parks when no one was home, during the off-season. The images he took are kinda creepy, kinda weird and very cool indeed.

Most of the parks Cerio snaps aren’t derelict or abandoned, they’re just hibernating until the next season starts. There’s something pretty sinister about them if you ask me. A lot of people shoot derelict stuff these days, which is fair enough, it looks awesome. But this is a slightly different take on things. Cerio catches the moments in-between.

In a few weeks time the parks will be filled to the brim with screaming children legging it about and exhausted parents trying desperately to keep up. There will be fleets of workers manning the slides and operating the rides. But, for now, all is calm. All is peaceful… and a bit odd.

Take a look at these awesomely depressing images over the next few slides:

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Stefano Cerio - Hibernating Parks - Huairou Fruit

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