A Unique Bright Yellow Turtle Has Been Spotted For The Second Time In History


I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that turtles could be yellow so it’s a surprise to see the guy in the photo above even existing at all.

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This is actually a rare albino version of an Indian flap shel turtlel and was discovered at a village pond in West Bengal, India. Generally, flap shell turtles are around nine to fourteen inches wide and look like your regular turtle, so this version is extremely rare – although one was also discovered in South Australasia in 2016.

It wasn’t clear what caused the turtle to turn yellow this time or previously, but obviously it’s caused quite a commotion because of its usual colour. Thankfully biologist Sneha Dharwadka has laid out a couple of theories about how it might have ended up looking like this.

Here’s what she had to say:

Oh right, should have known it was the absence of tyrosine pigment, silly me.

Anyway, this was a twice in a lifetime find, so naturally everyone on Twitter decided to compare it to melted cheese, cheeseburgers and egg yolks:

Stay classy Twitter. Kinda looks a bit like a yellow Greggs pasty to me. Hopefully nobody gets the wrong idea about it and tries to eat it before it gets a chance to be studied properly.

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