This Twitter Comeback Shows Why You Should Never Mess With Greggs


He went after the wrong bakery.

This dumbass guy took to Twitter to accuse Greggs of using ‘dihydrogen monoxide’ in its hot drinks – sounds like a common Greggs ingredient to be honest. We all know that this franchise sells food that’s probably packed with piles of shit that we can’t pronounce, but picking a fight with them is such a bad move – you just know they’re going to take you down. Just don’t eat there if it bothers you.

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He said “Please tell me this is not true, it’s in sulphuric acid.” Perhaps the guy named Kev Atkinson thought he was being clever by calling out the chain, but it backfired on him massively and made him look like a complete idiot when Greggs sassily replied “Hi Kev the chemical name for water is dihydrogen monoxide and we do use water in our hot drinks. Hope this helps.”

Savage. They even finished it with a smiley emoji, completely owning the guy who now must feel like a fool. But let’s be honest – by this point it was too late to back track. He’d already exposed himself as a moron.

This gives us a new found respect for Greggs, even if they are trying to go all healthy.


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