Tila Tequila’s Just Had Her Twitter Account Suspended For Posting This Nazi-Themed Photo


Social media 101: don’t do this.

Reality TV star Tila Tequila’s desperate bid to get publicity from any direction hit a new low recently, after she was pictured performing a Sieg Heil at an alt-right white nationalist conference in Washington.

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This comes shortly after she announced her support for Donald Trump, although if she’s into the alt-right then that’s nothing. This extreme movement defines itself as:

A segment of right wing ideologies that reject mainstream conservatism in the United States.


And they state that white nationalism is a fundamental, while supporting Islamaphobia, homophobia and antifeminism. Basically, they’re just a bunch of fascist, racist wankers.

I’m not entirely confident that Tila herself supports this group. As said, she’s so fame hungry and uses radical shock tactics in order to get herself media attention – it’s likely that this is her way to make a quick bit of publicity cash. Girl’s gotta eat.

When she posted the image above on Twitter, Tila initially wrote the caption “Seig Heel!” before changing it to “Alt-reich queen, literally Hitler.” What a fucking moron.


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She has since had her Twitter account suspended. Hopefully this time it will stick – she was booted of the social media site before after trying to explain why it’s OK to use the N-word. Can someone just ban this chick from life already?


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