Japan’s Going To Run Out Of People Because No One’s Having Sex


I blame porn.

Researchers over at Japan’s Tohoku University have put together a doomsday clock for the country after they discovered that there are not enough babies being born.

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According to their calculations, which are based upon Japan’s declining fertility rates and ageing population, the country will be whittled down to just one lonely person in 1,750 years. To be precise, on August 16th 3,766.

The clock was created based on fertility and population statistics from between 2014 and 2015.

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Japan’s sex crisis has been known for some time now and it seems the issue has reached an even higher state of worry as scientists are now calling it a ‘demographic time bomb’. Basically, there are not enough kids being born and too many old people.

And the reason why? Well, according to a recent survey from the Japan Family Planning Association, 49.3% of those who were involved between the ages of 18 and 49 hadn’t had sex in the past month, which is almost 10% higher than the figures shown just two years before. People are saying the reason for their lack of libido is due to an uneven work-life balance.

So basically, people are so bloody exhausted from working long hours that they can’t be bothered to get it in with their significant others when they get home. It’s such a funny country of contrasts – on the one hand you’ve got dirty panty machines, mad octopus sex and sexualised young teen porn and on the other you’ve got a straight, hard-working society who are too knackered to have a quickie. Crazy stuff. Anyway, time to get your groove on Japan, because you can’t be letting your country dwindle down to just one person.

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