This Couple Are Way Too Public About Their S&M Fetish

Too far.

Whatever you want to do with your sex life, that’s your choice – but keep it behind closed doors please. I mean, no one wants to see someone fuck outside Sainsbury’s while doing their weekly shop.

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Well one couple brought their freaky sexual desires to the public in what’s apparently called a ‘public S&M session’ and is basically where people take their weird S&M or whatever freaky fetish gets them off into the public for all of us to see – lovely.


It happened at rush hour in China when a woman in a blue business dress and black heels walked her man-dog around the streets, obviously shocking the hell out of drivers and passers-by. It got even creepier though. The woman kept patting the man on his head like he was her pet and telling people that he was her dog – whatever turns you on love.

The police eventually showed up to the scene and even though they didn’t know on which grounds to do so (because who the actual fuck walks around with a human dog?) told the couple to stop. So she took off the lead and they then walked off into a shopping centre. Fair enough.

Want more public sex? Watch this couple get busted for shagging on a London night bus.


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