Top 8 Weirdest News Of The Week – #1 Is Mental

Our weird world news this week covers a town overrun with sheep, a giant eagle on the loose in Blackpool, a beer drone and a man that eats cats.

Phew – what a week it’s been. Here are 8 of the most messed up stories of the last 7 days:

8) Man Survives Being Pulled Through A Wood Chipper

Weird news - Frank Arce wood chipper survivor

Frank Arce from Longview, Washington had made the poor decision to climb inside a wood chipper to shift a blockage this week. I’m not sure if that’s the normal thing to do when faced with a problem inside a machine capable of killing you, maybe it is. Anyway, Frank got in there and the machine decided to spring to life and started whipping him with six-inch prongs designed to strip trees and branches.

Weird news - Frank Arce wood chipper survivor injury

The 23-year-old was heard screaming inside the machine so his colleagues took that as a request to shut it down. Frank survived but certainly didn’t get off lightly: seven broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken ankle, broken pelvis and a fractured knee.

You could call this a lucky escape if you like but there doesn’t seem anything lucky about it at all to me.

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