Tommy Robinson’s Car Was Firebombed After Trailer For New Documentary Was Released

Oh boy.

It was only a matter of time before Tommy Robinson turned up with some fresh drama, and sure enough he’s trending on Twitter at the moment following news of a car being firebombed in Telford on Sunday, which turned out belonged to Tommy (which he confirmed via livestream the same night).

Now there’s no shortage of reasons why some aggrieved person might want to firebomb Tommy Robinson’s car, but was there a reason in particular this time?

Apparently it’s to do with the release of a trailer for Tommy Robinson’s new documentary on grooming gangs, titled ‘The Rape of Britain’.

Now obviously rape and paedophilia and sexual abuse on any scale needs to be investigated, whether it’s carried out by Prince Andrew and his buddies or Pakistani grooming gangs in the north of England. It’s just a shame that the guy leading the charge on the latter is someone with such a crappy reputation for violence, racism and association with the far right. Not to mention accusations that he spunked thousands of his supporters’ donations on cocaine and prostitutes. Just not really the kind of guy you want to associate with, even if he is purportedly trying to tackle a serious issue that is apparently being ignored by the authorities.

Maybe if Tommy came out and said something about Prince Andrew, for example, he might convince people that his issue is with the exploitation of young girls in general and not with the Pakistani community? I don’t know. I’m not going to tell him what to do. It’s clear he’s not done making enemies though, and is sure to kick off a serious sh*tstorm when this documentary is eventually released.

For the time Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson was duped into taking a photo with Tommy, click HERE. Ederson later explained he had no idea who Robinson was.


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