Tommy Robinson Calls Himself The ‘King Of Islam’, Uses Racial Slurs And Boasts About Drink & Drugs (VIDEO)



Following Tommy Robinson’s brutal treatment in prison and the fact he was, at the end of the day, correct about certain rape gangs operating in parts of England when others denied their existence – some people were beginning to give the former EDL leader the benefit of the doubt.

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You might say he was beginning to take a more rational, level-headed approach to combating extremism rather than being the blatant racist that he was in his younger days.

Well, any progress he might’ve made on that front has just been completely undone by the release of this video of him on an absolute bender in Bologna, Italy last month:

Here are the ‘highlights’ if you can’t make it out:

No matter where I’ve gone in the world I score … I’ve gone to f***ing Qatar, to Doha, and scored gear on the sesh while they’re all praying. Everywhere mate, every city I’ve gone to.

He describes a taxi as…

Little P**i who drives a car.

He also busts out a little freestyle:

I’m going to punch you in the head, kick you in the face, because I am the king of the whole Islam race.

He also says he would fight for Israel in a war against Palestine:

If there was a war tomorrow, which there will be, because I’ll probably start it at the end of this sesh. F*** Palestine.

I had to ring Benjamin Netanf***ing blah … I can’t remember his name, and got my Zionist card out and said I am a Zionist and I bought us everything. Shalom motherf***er.”


Tommy has defended the footage by claiming he shared it to a WhatsApp group message with friends of different races, who “were bantering each other constantly”.

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He is accusing The Sun of cleverly editing the video to make it seem like something it isn’t:

I was absolutely steamboated, I don’t even remember. It’s cringe.

Does anyone think that I went to an Islamic country and got drugs and took them?

Yeah, that probably didn’t happen, to be fair.

Still, he should probably be a bit more careful about which buddies he lets into this multi-ethnic WhatsApp group, because one of them has obviously shared the footage with the press. Come on Tommy, gotta be smarter than that. 

To watch Piers Morgan (of all people) give Tommy a bollocking on Good Morning Britain, click HERE.



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