Theresa May Eating Chips Is Even More Awkward Than Ed Miliband Eating A Bacon Sandwich

I’m sure that’ll get you a lot of votes, Theresa.

Theresa May has been the Prime Minister of the UK for ten months now, so I guess it was only a matter of time before she got pictured struggling to eat food like a normal human being.

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Everyone remembers the time David Cameron ate a hot dog with a knife and fork, Donald Trump ate pizza backwards and (of course) Ed Miliband chowed down on a bacon sandwich like an absolute wrong’un:

Ed sandwich

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This week it was the turn of Theresa May who found herself at an election campaign stop in Cornwall. All she needed to do was walk around a factory, eat a few chips and then talk about a “strong and stable leadership” in front of the camera. But instead she ended up looking like each and every chip tasted like offal filled with donkey shit.

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theresa-may-cornwall-2 theresa-may-cornwall-1

Nice work Theresa. Politicians might be good at coming up with policies that fuck with the country, but they’re absolutely terrible at being regular human beings.

Maybe David Ike was right all along and politicians are all just reptilian overlords. Probably what’s more likely is that most MPs, left or right, are a bunch of upper class people who aren’t used to eating with any less than five sets of cutlery. Probably the latter.

Then again, there is the theory that Donald Trump is a reptilian overlord. For more on this, click HERE.


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