Donald Trump Eats Pizza Backwards

Donald Trump Pizza


Donald Trump has been called a lot of names and been called up on a lot of his behaviour in his recent campaign to garner the Republican presidential nomination, but this might be the biggest indicator that he’s a monster and a philistine out of all of them: he basically doesn’t know how to eat a pizza properly.

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The revelation has emerged courtesy of the discovery of a 1995 Pizza Hut advert in which Donald Trump eats a slice of pizza backwards. That’s crust first.

Who the fuck has ever done that in the history of the world? In fairness to him, he is promoting their new stuffed crust and the whole advert is about eating it the wrong way round, but even so he’s still the poster child for it and it’ss a completely ridiculous and awful way to eat pizza that makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

More to the point, what the hell were Pizza Hut thinking getting those two in to advertise their new pizza?! I can’t understand that at all.

It turns out that this isn’t the only way Trump has managed to fuck up eating pizza though. He also once tried to endorse eating it with a knife and fork, which again totally and utterly ignores the fundamental nature of eating pizza:

So he doesn’t eat the crust anymore after endorsing it so hard? I suppose he has got 16 years in between videos but to eat pizza so awfully in two different ways is pretty much unforgivable in my eyes. What a fucking moron.

If this isn’t enough to make you realise what a twat Donald Trump is then watch this video we made which indicates exactly that:


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