The Reykjavik Police Force Has An Instagram And It’s Awesome

Could the Icelandic police force be the happiest on earth?

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Iceland is mostly famous for having massive glaciers, epic and windswept scenery and a disgruntled volcano. To be fair, they are the main things that it’s got going for it. But there’s more to Iceland than cheap pizzas and Peter Andre, they also boast one of the lowest crime rates in the known Universe.

Iceland’s murder rate is the fourth lowest in the world after Monaco, Lichtenstein and Singapore. I guess that’s why their police force’s Instagram is chocked full of smiling cops, kittens and high jinks rather than drug fueled violence, drug fueled cops and brutal murder scenes.

Maybe the police force in Ferguson could learn a thing from these easy-on-the-eye-happy-to-be-of-assistance lads and lasses?

Have a click through some of the highlights of their Instagram account on the following slides:

Reykjavik Police Instagram - Candy Floss

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