The Good, The Bad And The Sequel

waynes world

Let us bring you up to speed with the upcoming sequels of Anchorman, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Wayne’s world. You’d be bogus to miss it dude.

waynes world

Seems that’s all we see these days. Sequel after sequel. Rinse and repeat. Would it seriously kill the movie makers of today’s generation to come up with an original concept once in a while? Do we really need to see Spiderman have a mid-life crisis dancing around in eye-liner for the third fvcking time, like an emo fag from Hell. Or see Jack Sparrow raid Tesco’s for a special offer on the fountain of youth?

Sequels can have the power to transform a storyline or destroy it. There is a solid formula for the sequel creating process that must be used wisely. Its calling making a god damn effort! We have seen the rise of glory some film franchises have achieved  and have saluted their epic ways but also the painful falls they have undergone that made us wonder if an ape had a part in writing the scripts. It all boils down to a simple idea and how it can be developed through various means usually involving blood, sweat and tears. And that’s just from the director alone.

As I’m sure many of you may or may not be aware “Anchorman”, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and of course the mighty “Wayne’s World” films will all be spawning sequels in the near distant future. Yes, many bricks were shat with the knowledge of this information. Excellent. The question on everyone’s mind though, will they be horrible or change the fate of man as we know it? Sadly only Marty Mc Fly knows the answer and probably the film writers/directors. But mostly Marty.


Both “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Wayne’s World” have spawned successful part two sequels much to fan’s delight, however “Anchorman” itself has yet to create a second adaption. There has been mixed reviews about another being created however let’s be honest. Will Ferrell is a genius. It may not be as hilarious as the first film itself with various lamp loving action going down but you have to admit as soon as it is released we’ll all be getting our news team’s to assemble and suiting up.

The same can be said for the dudes Bill and Ted who much like Wayne and Garth are true bodacious air guitarist metal heads except they party with a grim reaper. Hardcore. We first view the wild stallions partying hard and being general wasters, however they go back in time and also visit the future to change their fate. This all takes place in a phone box along with some old guy called Rufus. Sounds sketchy, they must be friends with Marty Mc Fly. They fight evil robot versions of themselves, rock out in Heaven, dance with the devil in Hell and perform a most triumphant live rock concert with Abraham Lincoln and his crew. Sounds like a good night. Lets hope the third adaption is just as awesome and that they continue to “be excellent to each other”.

bill and ted bogus journey

“Wayne’s World” itself began as a sketch for the NBC American show “Saturday Night Live” which was originally called “Wayne’s Power Minute” and involved many rants from the champion Wayne Campbell, the defender of all things metal. Due to its popularity these sketches later gave birth to the two films which were created in 1992 and 1993 about two long haired old hippies (the other being Garth Algar) living in Aurora Illinois still in their parent’s basement taking on the world as the right to party is a battle they have fought. Sound familiar? The films grossed over $121.6 million in box offices world wide and has been voted the 41st greatest comedy of all time. I wonder what we’ll find out from the new release, apart from Garth “finally getting pubes” or a sweet shop owner getting “beat to death with his own shoes”. Whatever the case, I firmly believe we’ll “laugh, cry and hurl” once more with all of these epic sequels. If you do not like them, you’re a sphincter boy.

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