Chinese Guy Tearing The Roads Up On An Armchair


Chinese guy absolutely tearing the roads up on an armchair. What the fvck?


Most of you will probably know that the Chinese are a nation way ahead of the rest of the world with weird/fucked-up/interesting things – even the pensioners there were hipsters before you – so here’s another thing for you to gawk at.

In all honesty, if I saw this as I was driving somewhere then I’d probably think I was having reverberation’s from last night’s acid or I’d wandered onto the set of some trippy sci-fi film or just that all the booze and whatever else is finally ruining my fvcking brain. I’d have known there and then that I’d had a good existence but it was time to say au revoir and to lay down in a field somewhere with a few tabs just to eke it all out.

Ah well. Fvck it. Just watch the video and you’ll know where I’m coming from. Who knew armchairs could motor so hard? Only the Chinese would have the balls to tear up the roads like this:

[yframe url=’’]


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