The Darwin Awards: Stupid Ways To Die #11

Today’s tales of the daftest ways to die include two wannabe pilots, some duct tape, a snake and some nuclear waste. Be careful please everyone…

Snake Charmer

Darwin Awards - snake charmer

In 1999 in northern Thailand, an expert snake charmer called Hie was summoned to a house in the village where a large python was running amok, well slithering amok. He had the skills needed and it wasn’t long before he left the house with the snake in a bag held triumphantly in the air.

On his walk home he bumped into some villagers who wanted to see the snake in all its glory. Hie was happy to oblige and took the snake from the bag and wrapped it around his neck. The snake must have still been annoyed with him because it proceeded to constrict. The villagers were too frightened to go near the thing so it crushed him to death right there and then.

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