10 Steps Towards Understanding The Syrian Conflict

The situation in Syria is a complex and ever changing beast. Here are 10 short notes to help make sense of it all.

10) What Next?

Syria Conflict - Syrian Celbration

There’s certainly no bed of roses being made for all sides to jump into any time soon. There are now elements on both sides of the conflict that are profiting from the war. When people are making cash out of a situation they’re much less likely to make any efforts to stand down.

A couple of relationships that may help stabilise the area for the future have been developed though. There’s an impressive new working relationship between the Russians and Americans, which produced the Syrian chemical weapons agreement; and Iran’s new engagement with the US and other Western powers over its nuclear programme. These ties will hopefully garner more stability in the months to come.

The chances of appeasing everyone are slim and the idea of compromise sticks in all party’s throats. Each group has their own agenda and axe to grind. We will just have to hold our breath and watch for the next developments. It is unlikely to be a problem quickly solved.

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