Ten Reasons Why Going Swimming Is Weird

Swimming Pool

Swimming is a way for a lot of people to keep fit, but have you ever thought about whole the whole process is really, really weird?

Swimming is weird. Well, it’s not weird if you put it in the context of being in water and having to swim to get somewhere, but the concept of deciding to go to a public baths and swimming around with other people is WEIRD. Don’t get me wrong, I still go swimming every week, so therefore I’m allowed to say this. Why’s it weird? Read this handy guide and you’ll find out.


Ian Watkins Guilty

Imagine getting in from work, putting your waffles in the oven and then going to run a bath. Imagine going back down stairs, eating the waffles (shit dinner) and then going back up to your bath and there’s a dirty paedophile in there. He’s dirty not just because of his sex crimes but because he hasn’t washed for ages. You wouldn’t get in would you? Well, we do it all the time in swimming pools. A lot of people go swimming because it’s the ultimate bath. A fun soak where you can happily look at children having a good old splash. I know in the current Ian Watkins centric climate, that this may concern you BUT when you see that weird dude who’s not swimming about, is wearing a full suit and is testing out his underwater camera, then you know you’ve got a weirdo on your hands.

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