Superhuman Deer Gets Hit By A Bus And Smashes Through The Windscreen; Ends Up Perfectly Fine And Just Takes A Ride On The Bus

Deer In Bus

This deer is one tough customer.

Deer In Bus

This is a pretty cool video. I mean, if a deer gets hit by a bus you would probably expect it to just be completely dead or something, and maybe for the bus to even skid off the road and crash because the driver was trying to avoid it or was so shocked when he saw the bus hit it that he just lost control. But not this deer, who must be superhuman or a superhero or have an exoskeleton because it just smashes into the bus and through the windscreen like it ain’t no big thing at all and then just hangs out in the bus. Badass.

The driver doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal either and just keeps on driving like there isn’t a deer spazzing out next to him on the bus. The deer pretty frantically tries to get out and runs around a bit and is probably in a bit of a state of shock considering that it just got smashed through a window of a bus and is now in an alien environment, but after a while it just kind of accepts it and walks down the bus and enjoys the ride.

Neither the bus driver or the deer seem to really think this is out of the ordinary and just both keep doing their things which is really weird but also really kind of cool in a Twin Peaks sorta way. The reaction of the one person on the bus is pretty classic too and is more akin to when an old white woman sees a black person get on the bus – she slowly movers her purse closer towards her to ensure that it doesn’t get stolen. Charming.

Check out the video here:

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