Here’s A Supercut Of Italian Mayors Going Batshit Crazy At Citizens Refusing To Self Isolate

Stay inside!

Here in the UK we’re well and truly heading into the danger zone with the Coronavirus as we continue following the pattern present in Italy, but even despite the very clear warnings and disturbing video footage coming across from that country, people over here are still refusing to self isolate.

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I doubt that this video is going to convince people over here that self isolating is a good idea if they’ve already decided to go to the beach over the weekend or whatever people have been doing, but it’s still kind of amusing to see these Italian mayors going absolutely batshit crazy at their citizens for not listening to them when they’re on a total lockdown. It says that the subtitles are accurate and I hope that they are because these guys aren’t mincing their words and coming out with some great lines here:

OK so it’s funny to laugh at that and some of the stuff that they’re saying, but it’s important to remember that there is a very serious message behind it and we probably shouldn’t be laughing and actually following their advice. In case I haven’t stressed this enough alongside them: stay the fuck home, you are not Will Smith in I Am Legend!

Don’t go out you moron! Please listen.

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