People Think That Prince Philip Has Died And Turned Into The Coronavirus

One of the dumber conspiracy theories out there.

We’ve really been rinsing it with the conspiracy theories regarding Coronavirus over the last couple of days, with one involving it being a cover for Trump to arrest an international gang of celebrity paedophiles previously being my favourite.

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It’s not even 24 hours since I wrote that one and already we have a new contender though, as thousands of people yesterday took to Twitter to talk about a rumour that Prince Philip had died and literally turned into the Coronavirus. The reasons for this were twofold – Prince Philip is really really old and looks like he’s already dead to be honest and that an old quote from him talking back in 1988 had resurfaced:

Obviously this is a bit stupid – I don’t think even Prince Philip (not that he’s particularly noteworthy) would be able to turn into a virus that decimates humanity – but this hasn’t stopped people on Twitter having an absolute ball with it and venting their thoughts about it. Here are a couple of the best responses:

Lol? Not really sure that is that funny although that quote isn’t gonna do much good for his legacy – already not that great – if it turns out he has actually died. That’s another rumour going around Twitter, although it’s not that he died from Coronavirus but from natural causes and it’s not being released from the media yet because of all the Coronavirus chat.

Buckingham Palace have though today denied all these rumours after releasing the following statement to Telegraph editor Gareth Davies:

RE: rumour the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, is dead – it’s nonsense.

Source close to Buckingham Palace tells me he’s absolutely fine.

I don’t know what would possess someone to start a lie like that, but stop.

It’s weird and incites panic. We don’t need that right now.

Not really sure how many people would start panicking because Prince Philip had died, but I guess there’s some truth in what he’s saying. Long Live Prince Philip!

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