This Story About The Crowd1 Pyramid Scheme Is Absolutely Insane

How is this still being allowed to happen?

Everyone’s heard of pyramid schemes and knows to steer clear of them because they’re bad news and can collapse at any moment with only the people on top getting any real lasting benefit from them, yet we all have that one high school friend who is always posting on their social media about their new business and trying to get you involved and who scoffs at us whenever you mention that it looks like a pyramid scheme. You know the guy I mean.

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How are people still falling for this and how are people still such bastards that they want to exploit people in this fashion for their own game? I’m not sure myself and most people I know think that high school friend is a moron, but it’s still happening all over the planet and one of the main perpetrators is an organisation called Crowd1.

I had never heard of these guys before but the BBC just published details of a six month investigation into them and it’s crazy to me that stuff like this is still going on:

Wow. Again, how are these organisations still allowed to operate and how are the people that are involved with them still allowed to operate and continue to set up ridiculous businesses like these ones despite the fact that they’re clearly of no benefit to anyone except the founders? How are people still falling for this and enabling their behaviour and why aren’t governments and watchdogs doing more to shut them down quicker?

I suppose Crowd1 can always argue that they’re selling some information about how to be better at marketing with their stupid little packs, but anyone with a brain can see that this isn’t actually what they’re selling. It’s a great loophole and I imagine that’s why they’re still allowed to operate and get away with this shit.

Hopefully reports like this will educate some people as to their dangers, but it really does seem like people out there still want to believe these get rich quick schemes and throw all their hard earned money into the hat on them. Be smarter.

Side note – BBC coverage was a bit wacky/quirky for an issue like this, but again hopefully this engages with more people and helps them to see what’s really going on with these things.

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