Declassified JFK Files ‘Show Picture Of Hitler Living In Colombia’ After WW2


Conspiracy theorists are going to love this.

Everyone knows that Hitler supposedly committed suicide in his bunker to avoid capture in the last days of World War II, but there are always going to be those conspiracy theorists out there who simply will not believe this is what actually went down and that Hitler somehow escaped punishment for his crimes.

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One of the most famous theories out there is that Hitler managed to flee to South America, where he lived out the rest of his days in relative obscurity before dying of natural causes. The declassified JFK files that were released last week feature a memo from a CIA informant claiming that Hitler was living in Colombia in 1955 and also allegedly includes a photograph.

Here’s what it said, according to BroBible:

A source told an agent, whose code name was Cimelody-3, that Hitler was living with fellow Nazis in Colombia into the 1950s. Phillip Citroen, a former German SS trooper, informed the source that Hitler was very well alive and living in a city named Tunja, which is in the middle of Colombia. The former SS soldier told CIA spies that he regularly met with Hitler in the neighborhood of “Residencias Coloniales,” a place where many Nazis fled to after World War II. Citroen claimed to have contacted Hitler about once a month. The Germans living in Tunja allegedly adored Hitler for “an idolatry of the Nazi past” and addressing him as “der Fuehrer,” even saluting him with the Nazi salute.

Hitler, who would have been 66-years-old in 1955, lived in Colombia and worked at the KNSM (Royal Dutch) shipping company before fleeing to Argentina according to the memo. The JFK files included a report from CIA’s bureau chief in Venezuela, that featured a photo from 1955 of Citroen and a man allegedly said to be Hitler, who allegedly went by the name of “Adolf Schritteimayor.”

Hitler Colombia

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Certainly looks a bit like him eh? Although the quality of the photograph is very dubious. Crucially as well, the memo also states that the CIA was very sceptical of the source and that neither they nor Cimelody-3 could verify the claims. Just another one for the conspiracy heads I guess.

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